Unit 4 Discussion MG420

Unit 4: Discussion 5. Define and discuss impasses in relation to strikes and lockouts. Why would a union strike and why would an employer lockout employees? When an employee or employees refuse to work and do their jobs until the employer corrects its position or make a decision on different things is how a strike can occur. A lockout occurs when it is initiated by the employer rather than the employee that initiates a stop to all work during a bargaining issue. A union would strike because it would be intended to enhance labor's bargaining power by pressuring an employer. An employer will lockout employees when they are not on the same page as them. Both of these ways are weapons used against one another until they find a mutual agreement and settle their differences. During this time employees cannot work until they reach an agreement. According to ourlegalworld.com" Strike used as a weapon by the workers and lockout used as weapon by employers when the conflict between employer and employee is not going to resolve. Strike and lockout used at that time when the situation is very critical and there is no hope of resolving the dispute". https://www.go2hr.ca/legal/strikes-lockouts-picketing-and-replacement-workers https://www.ourlegalworld.com/strikes-and-lockouts-under-industrial-disputes-act-1947/ References: John W. Budd, Labor Relations. Striking a Balance (6 th edition).
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