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Oct 1, 2023
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Most of us will have entered into consumer contracts with large companies and ticked a box to confirm we understand the terms and conditions - without bothering to read what we are actually agreeing to. We accept standard form contracts when using social media, booking flights, opening a bank account, subscribing to a gym or renting a car. In all these cases, companies offer pre-drafted standardized agreements that are not negotiable. In a paragraph or two, please share your informed opinion (i.e. informed by what you have learned in this course as well as by your life experiences) on whether consumers should be bound to agreements they have not read, and likely would not fully understand even if they did read them. Should such contracts be enforced by the courts? Why or why not? After posting, please reply to the responses of at least two other students in a thoughtful and respectful way that adds value to the discussion. Always include a References or Works Cited section, even if your only source is our textbook. While I can understand why standard terms and conditions are set in place, most people that are not lawyers or specialize in a specific field, do not read all the terms and conditions let alone comprehend them. I personally do not read standardized terms and conditions for some things; however, I understand that I am going to be bound by it if there are any issues. Based on my experience with vehicles, my job experiences, and housing / apartment rentals, I pay very close attention to those agreements. In my position of employment, one of the items I deal with every day are contracts. We have specific terms and conditions for our client contracts and sub consultant contracts. If our contracts get "marked up", or a client wants us to sign their contract, the first thing we must do is submit it to our legal department for review and get advice if it is ok for us to execute it / proceed. One of my main experiences with this, is subcontractors getting upset for not being paid immediately, even though they execute a contract stating that they get paid once we do by our client. Due to this experience that has happened a few times, the first thing I advise any subcontractor before executing is that they get paid once we do (which is usually their main concern). This way, they will understand a small part of our contract before they sign in hopes to eliminate any potential payment or timing issues. In a perfect world, everyday people would not be held accountable for being in a situation or circumstance to where they have no other option to agree to a contract even if they do not understand or comprehend it (which many of us have been in at some point in time). We are not in a perfect world though, so I do understand why standardized contracts are enforced. However, I believe that for everyday people who do not have a legal team, there should at least be specific highlighted items to assist in understanding and comprehension for the most common problematic issues or questions that arise.
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