Chinese TB 44

1£, 1£1% r -t, T :Jt(2):kt iJG%(3) k lli W, k lli w l£9&- r:kt* JL -r 7i .it ! l!.1f tf I!l :Jt;r:: <f ix. 61.] 0 "G: :Jt 11M" ! 1f *- 1!l1t <f % jlJ F.7t -!- 0 M.. - ;f:;F I!hn tr.1f jlJ , A. % k lli W, l!.#. JL:Jt 't.ff 61.], - #* 0 'f: *-'t *gip 61.] 1- "G: 1;FiJiA..j-- 0 *gip:Jt *- I!l 61.] - 0 tl:: r *' -% $5 T iLl! 't't Jt A .1.i 4Ji -* *- 10] , f (5) ;r:: 1..j- Jt ;r:: .tr l' 61.] 0 tf I!l da v.-o. go to court; engage in a lawsuit W-1r't 0 86
Maidanglao n. McDonald's kafei n. coffee tang very hot; scalding, burn; scald yushl conj. consequently; hence; thereupon % ... gao v. sue; accuse .... v. compensate; pay for pel -M-JL haojT adj. quite a few /Glif buke siYI idm. unimaginable; inconceivable *F.t fayuan n. court Am renquan n. human rights jiaot6ng n. traffic shlgu n. accident *-. dashl n. a great event; a major important matter laobaixlng n. common people; civilians if-1iL ft[1ft danwei n. work unit +A. flmA ... ... individual (person) geren n. xiqi adj. rare; unusual and seldom seen $8fjj IOshi n. lawyer .10 part. (used at the end of a sentence or question to show obviousness) JlR.!lk. zhiye n. occupation "'Z- ... zhlyl one of ... III/hun v.-o. get a divorce -l-.f.-t shenzhlyu adv. even; so much so that iL II v. set up; (here) write up :ilUI yizhu n. will; dying words -1- Ylsheng n. all one's life 1T .!lk. hangye n. profession -t{Jt. ¥¥Jt zhengzhi dispute; be at odds with, dispute churei conj. unless; only if m-il ... v since ancient time zigu 87
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