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Sep 22, 2023
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California State University, Long Beach Department of Family and Consumer Sciences Fall 2023 CDFS 402 Child and Family Law Svllabus Instructor: Professor Leann K. Kaufman, JD, CFLS Office: FCS 007D- not currently on campus Office Hours: Thursday 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm by appointment (please email to schedule) Classroom: Online only Class Hours: Thursdays, Section 1: 6:30 pm & Section 2: 8:00 pm E-mail: leann. kaufman(@csulb.edu Phone: 949.482.1590 COURSE DESCRIPTION: In modern times, law permeates family life. In this course, California law regarding the establishment, conduct, and termination of marital family relationships, as well as the rights and duties of parties to non-marital family relationships will be examined. Topics include: the law related to the "Best Interest of the Child" rule, artificial insemination, property rights, adoption, child custody, domestic violence, support of children, spousal support, genetic testing, domestic partnerships, new trends in family law, and paternity rights and obligations. This course provides students with an overview of marriage, child, and family law. This course will specifically explain contemporary concepts in family law as they affect personal and familial relationships. The course will also address issues of adoption and child custody. It will provide students with a strong working knowledge of the everyday effects of law on the family. Students completing the course will have a primary understanding of California law as it affects families and personal relationships, how courts operate, and the complexities of the legal system. PREREQUISITES: See department guidelines. EXPECTED OUTCOMES: Upon course completion, the student will be able to: 1. Identify individual rights derived from marriage. Discuss the different forms of marriage. Compare and contrast pre and post marital contract rights. Explain specific i1ssues that arise on termination of marriage. Explain trends in custody and visitation of children. Summarize laws regarding various forms of adoption. Discuss the rights of parties that are participating in artificial insemination. Summarize the rights of children. Understand the causes, effects, and remedies for domestic violence. 0. Enumerate the limitations of law as it influences family relationships. =0 XNk W ATTENDANCE: Attendance 1s required for classes where live instruction will be provided via zoom. The specific dates and times are specified below. Kaufman, Fall 2023
REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS/MATERIALS: ONLINE CODE SECTIONS CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes.xhtml Movie: "Loving" (Must have the ability/access to watch it. Currently, included with Netflix subscription or available to rent from YouTube, Amazon, Apple TV, and others) Review Canvas weekly for materials that must be reviewed for each week assigned. If there is a live lecture via zoom, the materials posted on Canvas should be reviewed prior to class. Such other and further materials as are presented or required during the semester. Not Required: Anonymous, California Family Law and Rules. 2023 Desktop Edition, St. Paul, Minnesota: Thompson Reuters (If you are going to buy it, get the paperback, it's much cheaper.) This 1s the same as the website posted above. Provides the actual statues/codified law we will be discussing. STUDENT EVALUATION: A. Examinations There will be two examinations, a mid-term and final, consisting of multiple choice and true/false questions. Each will constitute 100 possible points towards a final grade (i.e., each accounts for one quarter of the final grade). Students must have the ability to take the exams online during the designated window. If a student misses the mid-term examination with a valid and compelling excuse, the Professor may allow the student to make-up the examination. It is up to the Professor's discretion. The make-up examination will be held on a date and at a location chosen by the instructor. Corroboration of the excuse satisfactory to the instructor will be required before a make-up exam is administered. There will be NO THIRD CHANCE. There will be no second make up examination 1f you miss the first make up examination. The midterm examination will be held on October 12th and must be completed by 9pm. The exam will be posted on October 12th at 9am. Students may take the exam anytime from 9am-9pm but the exam must be completed by 9pm. Final examination will be held on December 14th. The exam will be posted on December 14th at 9am. Students may take the exam anytime from 9am-9pm but the exam must be completed by 9pm. It is the student's responsibility to notify the instructor in advance of the need for accommodation of a university verified disability. This includes, but is not limited to, the need to take examinations at a location other than the regular classroom. Notice must be given sufficiently far in advance to allow the instructor or university time to make reasonable efforts to meet the need. Kaufman, Fall 2023
B. Paper: 2 Different Options Requirements: 1. Pick one of the options below to write your paper on 2. 2-3 pages. Note: cover pages do not count as part of the total pages. * Must have a cover page w/ student name, [.D. & identify which option 3. Double spaced, size 12 font in Times New Roman or Ariel 4. DUE: submit papers by 11:59pm on Nov. 16th to DropBox via Canvas Option 1: Mental Health Professional play a vital role in Family Law. Please explain how they help/assist families during the dissolution/divorce or separation process. What are your thoughts regarding their role? How do they help? How do they help children of a divorce? If you know a mental health profession, you may call and interview them about their role and experiences and react to what they say. [ want your opinions and thoughts. Option 2: Discuss an experience you have had regarding the issues we have addressed in class (whether personally, through a friend, through your employment, etc.). How do the concepts in class apply to the specific situation you have dealt with or have had exposure to. I'm not interested in you covering all material, just some big topics and/or principals that you are familiar with outside of this classroom. I want your opinions and thoughts. Late Papers Papers must be turned in on time. If the paper is not turned in on time, it will be reduced 1in final grade at the rate of 5 points per day for each day late, including weekends and holidays. This constitutes 100 possible points. C. Class Participation Student attendance and participation will be accorded credit to total 100 points towards the final grade. Students are expected to complete all reading assignments and attend classes when a live lecture via zoom 1s designated. There will be 4 discussion board posts during the semester, as designated below (weeks 3, 5, 10 and 16). Students are required to review the post and respond accordingly. Students must participate in all 4 discussion boards in order to receive full credit (worth 25 points each). The discussion board posts must be responded to by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. of the week they are due (for example for week 3, the response by the student must be posted by Thursday at 11:59 p.m. of week 3). D. Cheating and Plagiarism Students submitting research papers prepared by someone other than him or herself, whether for hire or favor, 1s guilty of cheating and plagiarism. Students including material in their research paper that was written by someone else without attribution are committing plagiarism. Cheating is defined as the act of obtaining, trying to obtain, or helping someone else to obtain academic credit for work buy using dishonest, deceptive, or fraudulent means. Consistent with the CSULB Bulletin, such a student will be awarded a grade of zero ("F") for the specific demonstration of competence. There will be no option to submit a replacement. Please see the General Regulations and Procedures in the Catalog. Kaufman, Fall 2023
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