Week 3 DB 2

Many of the individuals targeted to join gangs are teens and young adults who are often from broken homes and have endured an array of adversities. What draws these lost individuals to join gang life is the need to feel control, and a sense of security, they crave respect, attention, and most importantly a family. Therefore, I believe that the trafficking and sale of illegal substances is the kind of criminal activity that offers the biggest benefits over other criminal gangs and lone criminals. The illegal drug trade is risky, but for those prepared to take the opportunity, the potential rewards frequently outweigh the risks. Not only will the gang make a sizable sum of money that can be used to support other illegal activities, like buying weapons and ammunition, or give gang members financial aid, it will give them the power needed to obtain what they propose by any means possible. Regarding crimes that give gangs the most tangible benefits, I would have to say it would be more organized crimes such as racketeering. Crimes like counterfeiting, embezzlement, money laundering, etc., can reap these criminals' many benefits in the forms of money, property, and possession. While larger organizations such as mafia, mobs, or cartels think about committing these crimes on a much larger scale, smaller street gangs can also reap tangible benefits through premeditated crimes such as robbery/home invasions by targeting wealthy neighborhoods and/or individuals. Law enforcement can lessen the advantages that gangs gain from their involvement in illicit activities. Law enforcement must work to dismantle and create chaos inside the gang's organization. Targeting their leaders and other high-ranking members, interfering with a group's financial activities, and/or interfering with their organizational coordination and communication channels can be ways to achieve this. Providing young people with alternative options, law enforcement officers may help them avoid becoming involved in gangs in the first place. This would require help from communities and even schools through various programs such as after-school programs, programs for vocational training and placement, and other activities that offer positive alternatives to gang activity. The strategy that is most likely to be successful when it comes to gangs and gang violence is a complete one that considers all of the topics that have been covered thus far.
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