Workshop 5 Worksheet Academic Integrity Scenarios (1)

Name: Dhan Kumar Rai Date: 21/09/2023 Class: 314 237 Academic Integrity Scenarios Worksheet Instructions: This is an individual Activity. Go to the link below and follow the prompts to work through the scenarios about students in situations that test their Academic Integrity Write a 300-word reflection about what you have learned from each of the scenarios.
Name: Dhan Kumar Rai Date: 21/09/2023 Class: 314 237 Scenario 1: Alex should not have helped Sam by letting him read is project. If he wanted to help, he could have talked briefly about the project or describe the outlines and not the actual contents. Sam should have reported that he was sick to his unit coordinator and get support or extensions due to his illness if he can provide the medical certificate. Letting the friends copy the work and submit can breach academic integrity. Scenario 2: Mahir should have quoted the words that he copied from online into his work. He committed plagiarism by making others work into his own work. He should have included proper reference of the ideas he used into his work. If he cannot paraphrase to give the exact meaning, he should have quoted the author. This is using others works as your own which is a criminal offence and can face severe consequences. Scenario 3: Rory used images from the internet without reference. This is image plagiarism; he should have used images in his work with proper reference. He could use his own images and drawings. Copying the images, charts, graphs and figures without citing the original source is a plagiarism and it's an academic integrity violation. Scenario 4: Anouska paid for her assignment, and it is a contract cheating. Due to the fear of failure, she committed an offence which breached the academic integrity. If she had issues, she should directly contact her unit coordinator for assistance. Contract cheating in any form, copying from friends who already finished that unit, from internet paid sites, and from AI tools is an offence of cheating, hence, violation to academic integrity. Paying to professional assignment writers and submitting as your own can affect one's academic life as well as professional life. It is graduating without skills. This can lead to cheating in professional life as well. Scenario 5: Sarah cheated in exam due to workload and improper time management. When caught cheating she was given zero in that exam. She could have consulted a counsellor for help with her anxiety and time
Name: Dhan Kumar Rai Date: 21/09/2023 Class: 314 237 From the beginning of the semester the time management and the unit outlines and planning should be done to reduce last minute burden. This intimately leads to anxiety and depression and cheating for short cut ways. So it is always better to plan at the beginning than to rush at the last moment. Scenario 6: Anna and Danny faced consequences of collision as they exchanged the ideas for assignment which was to be done individually. For individual works students should not discuss and write or exchange ideas to make the work easier. Turnitin will detect the work and consequences for breaching the academic integrity is that they both will not be given any marks. Weather they did it intentionally or unintentionally. They should have been aware of the collision cheating. Breaching Academic Integrity can face wide range of consequences like repeating the assessment task, repeating the unit, failing the unit, and can be expelled from the institution as well. To avoid these penalties, one should always be aware of these forms of cheating and plagiarism. If student needs help and support and extensions regarding the assignment due to personal/medical problems, they should immediately contact their unit coordinator. It is best to ask for help than to opt the ways of cheating.
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