1 Arguments Defining the Problem Space 1. There is a significantly different perception among African American and white students interested in law enforcement because of respect for police and perceptions of whether the police engage in racial profiling (Rossler et al., 2018). This perception has led many potential applicants to shy away from seeking a career in law enforcement because of the negative connotation of the career (Cambareri & Kuhns, 2018). 2. Law enforcement agencies in the United States have adopted various strategies focused on reducing police turnover. Examples of these interventions include leadership training, improving work morale, and enhancing personal wellness as interventions for reducing police turnover (Hilal & Litsey, 2020). Despite the interventions, a career in law enforcement continues to be characterized by stress, depression, and burnout. The manifestations of these challenges include alcoholism, suicide, and marital problems (Rossler et al., 2018). 3. Law enforcement agencies in the United States continue to encounter challenges in recruiting and retaining officers (Linos & Riesch, 2020; McCarty et al., 2019).
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