Lisa's Tort Claims Against Sue Lisa suffered injury and damage to her car due to negligence on Sue's part since Sue was texting while driving. With such an interruption, which is against the traffic rules, Sue would not recognize that Lisa's car had slowed down. If Sue had not been texting while driving, she could have possibly been in a position to manage the situation. Therefore, Lisa has tort claims for such negligence on Sue which caused Lisa injuries due to NS Y @0 #9:G (RO @ (s Mo 1 o) R o (8 - Sue's Defenses against Lisa Sue's first defense against Lisa's claims would be that Lisa exercised contributory negligence by slowing down her car without any reasonable judgment. As a result, Sue could claim that Lisa contributed to part of the damage through the action. If Lisa had not slowed down, the amount of damage that would have occurred may have been minimal. Lisa's comparative negligence may be the other Sue's point of defense as different states require that each party repay for damages caused in a similar event. If comparative negligence would be ascertained, then Sue will demand that some percentage of the mistake be on Lisa and hence have the claim lessened on Sue. The claim for comparative negligence will work in Sue's favor if her state is considerate of the same. - Sue's Tort Claims Against Jim According to the advert that Jim used to promote t of his car, there was misleading information since not state the correct number of miles covered by th He even added in the advert that the car was in great shape. Sue can | smmstivateimmsedeiramdedshcr through
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