Week 3 Journal Entry

Austin J Sanford 04/02/2023 LAW-745:704,708 Week 3 Journal Entry: Again, I really enjoyed this week's lesson. Emotional intelligence is a topic I have studied quite a bit on. I am a junkie for self improvement or self help books, audio, seminars, etc. I have even walked on fire with Tony Robbins believe it or not. EQ is something that is brought up quite a bit in this genre or in sales training, I'm never been necessarily in "sales" but believe we all are selling ourselves to some extent on almost a daily basis. But I thought this week's lesson defined it differently then I have ever heard before. Especially from the co- worker or employee's perspective of their manager. I also never heard it really touch on the self awareness or persistence. I can tell you first hand though, that I believe the point about people who have struggled generally having naturally higher EQ. I was brought up in Catholic schools as a non-Catholic, and my priest in High School made such an impact on me that my wife and I later became Catholic and decided to raise our kids Catholic. But this priest was also not a "cradle Catholic" and actually had a pretty rough past. He had a past filled with addiction and hard drugs actually. Obviously he had turned his life completely around and decided to join the priesthood. But I felt his troubled past gave him the unique ability to really relate to high school kids. It was like, we didn't roll our eyes when he spoke. Kinda like the State Farm commercials, "He knew a thing or two cuz he had seen a thing or two". But I think he had the highest emotional intelligence of anyone I had ever met. On an even more personal note, I think my EQ has greatly increased over the last few years going through
Covid. Basically our entire marriage and adult life has always been on an upward trajectory. Every year making more money, every house bigger and nicer, every car more expensive, and long story short Covid was really rough on us. To a point that we both were very bitter for a while. But it made us both pause, reflect, and figure out who exactly we were and what was important to us. I had placed a lot of my personal self worth or value in money, and now i had to figure out what else I brought to the table. This has taught me many lessons, and I am thankful for them now. But how I communicate even with my family is much different then it used to be. I am much more patient, not as quick to anger, and find myself actually listening to what the other side is saying rather than just thinking of what I am going to say next while the other person is talking. Which actually, is probably the most annoying think in the world. When you are in a conversation with someone and you can tell they are only thinking of what they are going to say next. This has really turned in to a "journal entry" this week. But I think the struggle point rings very true, and you can't exactly "learn" that, you gotta go through it firsthand. I also thought the "Ladder of Inference" was very insightful. I am a fan of Eckhart Tolle, and I think this very similar to staying in or leading with your ego. I also can second the "power of nice" and have a very similar story to the flight attendant. My wife and I were delayed in DFW on our way to Cancun, and to make thinks worse our flight was overbooked. Standing in line at the gate watching person after person just scream at the agent we waited until it was our turn to get some bad news. As we approached the counter I just smiled and said something witty about the predictiment we all were in. The agent looked at me and said that I was the only nice person she had spoke to and to enjoy the upgrade to first class. The power of nice indeed!
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