Deceptive Trade practices and product liability 1st class

Case summary 1) Introduction 2) Procedural history 3) Facts (brief) 4) Judgement 5) Reasoning behind judgement 6) Commentary - precedents Headings - Stattoru gaunranees - Industry... - 7) Conclusion 8) Video - what is a case note - Read a case - Cases making history. Mabo no 2 causes public outcry - Setting outstanding precedent - Put a case in its place- place a case chronologically and philosophy within a particular area of legal interest. What to put in case note - Identify area of law and develop a theme of case note - Settled and unsettled - New areas of law - Existing Introduction - Tell the reader what you intend to discuss in your case notes - Give 3 or 3 short statements of the basis for this opinion - Provide a 'map' of the structure of your paper - Short statements. New sentence for each point Discuss the case Briefly describe the facts of the case. Restrain is essential. You have to decide which facts are relevant to the ultimate decision. Discuss the decision and rational of the case - Was the decision warranted to the facts - Was the reasoning consistent with the decision or was the court attempting to reach a decision on the basis of justice, fairness or the particular circumstances of the case - Did the court properly use and refer to previous authority if any existed - Was the decision unanimous or were there difference of opinion
- Was the reasoning of all the judges consistent or were there a variety of bases - Did the decision introduce a new area of law or substantially change an existing area? Critically analyse the decision Do you agree - Did it achieve what the court intended, ie have t=some policy objective been supported - Has the court caused injury to traditional legal formalisations in giving its decision - Do you think that it is likely that this case will be followed - If this decision sent the law in an undesirable direction what do you think the result should have been and why Conclusion Link conclusion to introduction with brief statement of where the arguments have led your reader 70 references in eg If not consumer don't get benefits. ACL Sec 7- meaning of manufacturer Sec 9 - Florist Bloomex Dominque Google
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