Exclusionary Rules - 4th and 5th Amendments

In-Class Exercise Joseph Wise / Britney Bevans / Michael Seno CRJ 100 - Intro to Criminal Justice 10/16/2020 Exclusionary Rules / 4th & 5th Amendments As a prosecutor, our belief is exigent circumstance was met for warrantless entry with the daughter's allowance, due to an assumption of tenancy rights, as established through the leaseholder. During entry, plainview doctrine allowed for the lawful seizure of the cocaine, thereby excluding the necessity of a search warrant, set in the precedent of Washington v Chrisman (1982). As a judge, our belief is while "each man's home is his castle", and "must [be] secured from unreasonable searches and seizures", our ruling would state that officers had lawful access to the domicile in question, as the daughter had legal rights of access to her own home, which led to plainview doctrine allowance for the drug seizure.
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