Fitness department Scavenger Hunt Directions: Complete the following SLHS Fitness scavenger hunt either individually or in a pair of 2. Names (2): ______________________________________ _________________________________________ 1. Who teaches Health/Fitness? What classes are they teaching this semester? HINT: Check locker rooms Fitness Instructor Classes Taught 2. List three locker room rules. HINT: GO TO LOCKER ROOMS ... 1. 2. 3. 3. Where is the nearest water bottle fill station? 4. Explain how to use 3 machines in the weight room. HINT: Machines have a label with directions ... Machine Directions
Fitness department Scavenger Hunt 5. Draw a picture of proper fitness attire. Draw a non-example. Fitness Ready Example Non-Fitness Ready Example 6. What is the #1 GYM RULE? Why is this rule important? HINT: Main Gym location 7. What is the #1 WEIGHT ROOM RULE? Why is this rule important? HINT: Weight room location 8. Head to the track! What is the sponsor's name found on the scoreboard? 9. How many lanes are on the track? 10. Head to the Tennis courts! How many courts are there? Finished!! Well done. Meet back at your fitness spaces.
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