Craig is just starting out with his business. He needs an insurance policy to cover his liability against 184 |any unknown defects within his products. Of the four types of CGL policies listed below, which offers Occurrence Policy the best coverage for Craig's business, regardless of when a claim is filed? Craig must close his business for three months after being injured in an auto accident. When Craig recovers, he returns to his shop where he finds broken glass and notices some of his supplies have 185 : T . ; : : Vacancy been pilfered. Under what condition in his commercial property policy might the insurer deny coverage? 186 D' Anton spills coffee in his lap while driving, causing him to veer off the road and smash into a Collision Coverage telephone pole. Which part of his Auto Insurance Policy will help him pay for the repairs to his car? & Dan has a DP-3 policy on his home. During a storm, a tree falls onto his attached garage. The tree 187 |crashes through the garage roof and lands on Dan's water softener tank, destroying it completely. The roof AND the water softene: Which of these damages would be covered under Coverage A? Due to the Liberalization clause, Daniel has had his homeowners policy with ABC Insurance Co. for six months. In a recent review of | the expanded coverage will be 188 |its policies, ABC Insurance Co. decided to remove one of the standard exclusions without changing | offered to Daniel in writing and the premium. How does this expansion in coverage affect Daniel? he has the option to accept or deny the change.
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