My Name is Aja Solomon I was born in Fort Worth Texas. I am currently working on my masters degree in Criminal Justice Management at Lamar University. I Completed undergrad at Sam Houston State University in 2019. I chose criminal justice as my major because I am passionate about helping people receive justice. I plan to help people develop a greater understanding of the law and to ensure the safety and security of each individual I come in contact with. I want to work as a police officer since I feel it is my obligation to work on something for the nearby local area. Undoubtedly, one can help in different ways-functioning as an attendant, caseworker, social laborer, or in any event, being a productive member of society, complying to the guidelines, regarding the regulations and individual people. However, with my schooling and abilities, I feel the right job for me in the general public is a job of a police officer. Being out there in the roads, assisting with forestalling wrongdoing, or limit the harm once we can't forestall it, ensuring that the guilty parties get rebuffed, and essentially ensuring that individuals aren't hesitant to stroll in the city. I see a significant reason in being a police officer, and it spurs me to apply with you. As you can see on my resume I have criminal justice experience and well as clerical experience I am a hard working I have my degree in criminal justice and will finish my master in criminal justice management this coming August but I also have the soft skill you need I ' m a team player, collaborator, I ' m a clear communicator and I have a sense of humor I would love the opportunity to work with a company and a team that strives to continually improve and help individuals to the best of their ability .
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