Benford's Law Analysis

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ACC 423
Sep 13, 2023
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Benford's Law Analysis Assignment By doing the calculations and charting of the taxi reimbursements data using Benford's Law, I have concluded that there is potential fraud happening. Digits 1 - 3 seem to be appearing more often in data again Benford's law, while 4 - 8 seem to be appearing often lower. After this, I decided to go through the whole data individually and high light any discrepancies in the data. There we a lot of reimbursements with $0 paid like below Another discrepancy I found was that some recipients were entered twice on the same day one had an amount figure while the other had $0 like below I then decided to create a chart to see if there were any outliers and there were majority by Taxi 9000 of Bismarck. I also ran a pivot table and found that Royal Coach and Twin Town Taxi were the only two companies that had reimbursements for less than or greater than 15 miles transportation.
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