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HIM 2012
Sep 13, 2023
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Christian Barnes HIM 2012 Ch. 1 Homework Medical records are considered highly classified information and are protected and are only available to those who have permission by given consent. "Medical ethics rules along with federal and state laws govern the privacy protection of medical records and determine whether doctors may share your medical information without your permission" (FindLaw, 2016). Florida state law and the federal law known as HIPAA usually require medical staff and physicians to keep patient information confidential, unless a patient allows a doctor to disclose them. There are three general exceptions to medical record confidentiality based on Florida Law. The first one is in case there is an emergency, and the patient is not conscious, a doctor can discuss your medical needs with a spouse, family member, or someone who is marked as an emergency contact. The second exception to medical record confidentially is part of a court-case, that being if a patient sues a doctor or any other personal injury lawsuit, a doctor has the right to testify about your health and/or injuries. The third exception is government reporting, meaning that doctors are required to report information, such as: births, deaths, and communicable diseases, to the government for public health interests. I found this information on Under the Florida Healthcare Laws I found Florida Medical Records Laws. On the bottom of that e-page I found the answer for this chapters question. References: Florida Medical Records Laws. FindLaw. (2016, June 20).
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