3 94 defendant is said to be innocent, but if it moves in the opposite direction that establishes his guilt* The functions of judge and jury in such cases seem to be no more than to ratify the verdict of the tortoise* If would seem that the defendant is always guilty in all such cases because the tendency would be for the frightened tortoise to move away from people in an attempt to escape rather than to establish guilt* Another way of using the tortoise to detect crime or establish the guilt of a suspected person is for that person to kill the tortoise and pronounce a curse of death on himself and his family* He then gives the carapace to the complainant who prays daily for doom to befall the suspect* If the suspect or any member of his family takes ill or dies, this is usually attributed to the tortoise* In such a case the suspect must pay for the wrong complained of as well as for the services of 21 a sorcerer who stops the calamity* ^here are, of course, many other forms of divination, but two which are closely associated merit special mention* These are the spider and tfNgamlf divination which are well known in the Nwa district of Donga and Mantung Division in West Cameroon, and indeed among all 21* Egerton, F* Clement C*, African Majesty* A record of refuge at the Court of the King of Bangante in the J?rench Cameroons, London, George Routledge and Sons Ltd* 193$, PP» 196 - 199$ 2*f3 - 2^4*
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