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Oct 4, 2023
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Annotation forms the third layer of data visualization which can act as a bridge of communication between the presenter and the audience. Through the annotation, we can align the expectations of the consumer in accordance with the capability of the data gathered and the visualization produced out of it. While creating annotations it is important to make sure we hit the sweet spot of neither cluttering the visualization with too much data nor making it seem sparse so that the viewer ends up trying to build their own interpretation of the visualization. (2019, Kirk) In the current discussion section, I would like to explore the visualization and annotations used in The Great Schools Rating website -, (Great schools) which is a very useful resource to find the best schools for children, especially while house hunting. The search bar on this website enables us to look for schools based on the school names, neighbourhoods, cities, school districts, school ratings, and so on. I have used a graphic from this website which displays all the schools along with their cumulative rating in the city of Round Rock located in the state of Texas (Round Rock Public High Schools). The location of the schools is highlighted over the existing google maps which also shows the other locations thereby providing a perspective of how the overall neighbourhood feels. When we hover the mouse pointer on the different schools on the map the school's name and school-type information will pop up. If I have to enhance the graphic, I would provide a detailed breakdown of the school rating when we hover the mouse over the school pointer thereby avoiding the need to go to the detailed view of the school rating. Adding a geographical boundary for each of the schools will also help the people who are house hunting while being specific about their school choices for their kids. WEEK 6 DISCUSSION 1
I would also try to add a search feature that allows one to search a home address and get all the schools that serve that address. I feel it would also be nice to filter out unnecessary highlights on the graph such as hotels, car dealerships, and shopping outlets which are mostly not very relevant for school ratings. WEEK 6 DISCUSSION 2
REFERENCES: 1. Great Schools. (n.d.). Retrieved February 19, 2023, from 2. Kirk, A. (2019). Data Visualisation: A handbook for data driven design. SAGE Publications Ltd. WEEK 6 DISCUSSION 3
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