Reflection #6 - REHA

Lexie Hughes Reflection #6 2/29/2023 This week please attend a group meeting such as an AA open meeting or a self-help group. In your reflection talk about what you noticed and especially the power of the group process. So I actually attend these weekly because I am doing my internship and we have group therapy and AA meetings. What I notice during these sessions is you can tell who really wants to be there and who is forced to be there by law or family members. The people who want to be their engage in group sessions say how they feel and actually listen to other peoples stories. I have see how much power a group can have and it is actually incredible. Being in a place where you can be vulnerable and let everything out can really help a person and make them feel safe. I have heard peoples stories about addiction and it really amazes me to hear where they came from and how far they got. I have heard so many success stories and it really is amazing how much group therapy/ AA/ or open meetings can really help someone.
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