Articles of Dissolution

ARTICLES OF DISSOLUTION OF Johnson Law, LLC (name of Limited Liability Company) The above LLC (hereinafter referred to as the "LLC") desiring to give notice of entity action authorizing and effectuating the dissolution of the LLC pursuant to the provisions of the Indiana Business Flexibility Act, sets for the following: INFORMATION ABOUT THE APPLICANT Name of LLC Johnson Law, LLC Date of Organization (month, day, year) February 5, 2000 Date of dissolution (month, day, year) September 19, 2022 Address of principal office (number and street, city, state, and ZIP code) 123 Apple Court Indianapolis, Indiana 46077 In witness whereof, the undersigned being the Owner of the LLC, executes (title) these Articles of Dissolution and verifies, subject to penalties of perjury that the statements contained herein are true, this 24 th day of September , 20 22 . Signature Printed name
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