Chapter 2 Writing Assignment

Student Name Chapter 2 Writing Assignment American Court Systems - CRJU 3111 Dr. Lakesha Cole Due Date
2 Directions: Read Chapters 2. After reading, complete the writing assignment. Answer each question in essay in format. Answer in complete sentences. Complete the assignment using 12 point Times New Roman or Courier New font. Include a title page on your assignment (Just replace your name where it says John Doe on page 1. Double space your answers. Document is set up for page numbering. Chapter 2 Question 1: Contrast civil and criminal law proceedings. Answer: Question 2: Which amendments from the Bill of Rights are pertinent to criminal procedure? Describe what rights they affect or provide for defendants. Answer: Question 3: Identify and explain the importance of the three key characteristics of the common law. Answer: Question 4: In order for a defendant to be convicted of a crime the prosecution must successfully offer proof beyond a reasonable doubt of each element of crime charged. List the five elements of crime. Answer: Question 5: Although law is used in everyday language, the definition used by scholars is important. Neubauer and Meinhold (2013) define law as a body of rule enacted by public officials, in a legitimate manner and backed by the force of the state. Break down this definition into its four elements and explain the importance of each element. Answer:
3 Question 6: Describe the five major areas of civil law. Answer:
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