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Sep 10, 2023
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Let's analyze an event that shook America and shows how our legal system has evolved. After a jury determined that Amber Heard had harmed Depp by claiming that he had assaulted her during their relationship, Depp won a defamation lawsuit against her on Wednesday. Depp sued for $50 million in damages over a 2018 opinion-editorial column by Heard in The Washington Post, in which she claimed she had turned into a "public figure representing domestic abuse." Depp was absent from court on Wednesday owing to a previously scheduled business commitment. Despite the fact that Depp was never specifically referenced in the article, according to his lawyers, it made reference to accusations she leveled against him during their 2016 divorce. The jury came to the conclusion that Heard was unable to back up her accusations against Depp and that, at the time she published her essay in 2018, she was aware that her allegations of abuse were untrue (Madani, Dashrath et al 2022). https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/johnny-depp-amber-heard-trial- verdict-rcna30926 Although NBC is news that tends to lean "left" I chose them as my source because NBC did not make an article about a political charge issue, instead, NBC focused on the facts that led Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to go to trial and the outcome of said trial. the development of the legal system from early legal systems that were very dissimilar from those that exist today. To begin with, there were no written or codified rules, the courts were ad hoc, and they prioritized the welfare of the community. The legal system gradually changed, putting more focus on ways to resolve conflicts between the state and between individuals (civil disputes) (criminal) The resolution of conflicts between one or more parties in civil cases usually involves non-population-related factors. Criminal matters are typically a person or more against the state, which indicates that the individual who committed the crime endangered society or caused harm to society. The legal system eventually developed into the one we know today. The most significant component of the legal system is the court system. They serve as the venues for the resolution of disputes and the layering and division of the law. Today, for instance, we have federal, state, and even municipal levels. As opposed to today, when we just follow the laws that have already been formed, where we no longer participate in the creation of laws, people in the prehistoric legal system felt one with the law. As the current legal system emphasizes due process and the rights of the people, we went from being one with the state to one before the state (Levett, 2023). The fact that we can observe the functioning of the contemporary legal system is the direct connection I perceive between the legal case involving Johnny Depp and the lessons for this module. We see a civil case to illustrate the significance of today's courts. People were able to
experience it as if they were there because it was shown on television. In fact, they constantly bring it up even though the trial's conclusion was a little over six months ago. We can see the jury's significance and how much more intently they were on the truth than on a rapid resolution. Although assaulting anyone is a crime, there was not enough evidence to support the claims of abuse, thus the case could not have been brought before a criminal court instead of a civil court. The issue involves allegations of drug usage and abuse. The fact that it demonstrates that individuals are still engaged with the judicial system in some capacity is another crucial point to be made. even if they are at home viewing the proceedings on their TVs as they happen in the courtrooms. People continue to participate because they want to see justice triumph. Reference NBCUniversal News Group. (n.d.). Johnny Depp wins defamation suit against Amber Heard . NBCNews.com. Retrieved February 3, 2023, from https://www.nbcnews.com/pop- culture/pop-culture-news/johnny-depp-amber-heard-trial-verdict-rcna30926
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