Tutorial 7 2022(1)

Scenario JULIE AND DAVE Dave and Julie are friends. Julie is 4'10" tall and very thin but she is a ferocious fighter. They planned to steal money from anyone who came to withdraw cash from the ATM next to Woolworths. They put their plan into action when a man withdrew what looked like a large sum. He walked to a public bench, sat, put his money away in his wallet and put his wallet in a shopping bag next to him on the bench. He started reading a newspaper. Dave sat next to the man on the bench and slowly eased the shopping bag away. The man noticed nothing until the edge of the bag that was caught under his leg tugged slightly. Dave ran with the bag, the man grabbed at him and Dave tried to pull away. The man was strong and hung on to Dave as Dave staggered away. When Dave managed to break free the man fell heavily onto the pavement and bruised his shoulder. As planned, Julie watched these events unfold as she walked slowly along the pavement pretending to be a bystander. She carried Dave's umbrella in case she needed it and was just about to intervene to help Dave when he broke free and ran away with the wallet. Julie feigned innocence and helped the man to his feet until others came to help. At 2am the following morning Julie and Dave were cold with nowhere to go. Dave invited Julie to his step mother's house. They climbed in an unlocked window in a shed that his step mother hardly ever went into at the back of the property. Dave said it was ok because his step mother had said for him to visit her whenever he liked. Dave and Julie stayed in the shed until dawn and then went to leave. Before she climbed back through the window Julie grabbed a torch from the shed and used it to light their way out onto the street again. When the sun came up she threw the torch away. Please advise the DPP which offences Dave and Julie could be charged with. Consider Julie's situation. She has been convicted twice before under s401(2) of the Criminal Code.
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