Chris Brown

James Watson Dr. Hauptman Criminal Courts 12 November 2014 Assignment #4: Chris Brown If a regular individual who no ones knows get convicted of beating up his girlfriend, that individual will be highly frowned upon in society because men physically attacking women is completely and totally unacceptable to the majority of society. Because of this, that individual would be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Therefore, when a celebrity is put in the same situation and they are not punished near as harsh as a regular individual, many will see this as a failure of the criminal courts system. This is especially true for the situation from a few years ago involving Chris Brown and his girlfriend at the time Rihanna. Brown pleaded guilty to the charges against him and ultimately ended up getting out of jail time. The first issue with this is that Brown as a celebrity should be held to a higher standard because whatever happens in his case will be seen by people all around the country. The penalties set against Brown were heavily criticized because of the fact that he was not punished to the fullest extent of the law. The second issue is that the overall punishment in no way did anything to punish Brown for the crime that occurred. Five years probation and community service serves no purpose to rehabilitate him for what he did wrong, and it could ultimately be seen as a forced punishment because of how popular he was. Any other individuals who were in the same situation would have likely been used to make an example of that men beating women is totally unacceptable. However, in this case, Brown was merely punished so that the public could see something was done against him as a celebrity to ensure that people did not think he was receiving unfair consideration. The ultimate issue with that is that the punishment was so lenient it was considered a significant dis to the courts system.
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