LML6005 Task 1A S2 2023 Final

Graduate Diploma in Migration Law LML6005 Visa Compliance and Cancellation ASSESSMENT TASK 1A Semester 2, 2023 NOTE: TASK 1 COMPRISES TWO PARTS - PART A - SHORT ANSWER QUESTION AND PART B - MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS TO BE COMPLETED ONLINE AT THE END OF THE UNIT. 1. Students must answer all questions as indicated. Make certain all answers are clearly labelled. 2. Make certain that you enter your NAME and STUDENT NUMBER on each page. Insert them into the header or footer for ease. 3. This assignment comprises 10% of the assessment in this unit. 4. Students should note that English expression; grammar and spelling are taken into account in assessment of their answers. 5. SUBMISSION OF ASSESSMENT: Please check the online centre for the due date. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the date for receipt is complied with. It is intended that all assessment be lodged electronically. This will automatically generate a receipt. Students must ensure they keep a copy of their work. 6. WORD LIMIT: Word limits are indicated for certain questions and should be adhered to with each answer. 7. All answers should be supported by reference to the relevant legislative provisions. 8. A student whose answer to any question depends upon facts which are not stated, must discuss all relevant alternatives. 9. REFERENCING: Students are required to use the Australian Guide to Legal Citation as the preferred method of referencing. You are also required to submit a bibliography for each assessment task and not merely a reference list. Assessment Criteria: 1. Accurate answer to question 2. Accurately identifies and cites the law, policy and/or ethics relevant to the facts provided. 3. Justifies answers by clear reference to the relevant facts and law. 4. Clearly identifies and discusses the issues raised by the facts. 5. Presents information clearly and logically in a businesslike manner.
SCENARIO You are a registered migration agent. Your first client for the day is Charlie Styles, a citizen of Malaysia. Charlie arrived in Australia on an ETA Class UD Subclass 601 visa four months ago. He has really enjoyed his time in Australia and has been travelling around and exploring all the world-famous sites. He tells you that whilst he was in Australia, he was looking for love as he had just broken up with his long-term partner and thought to come to Australia as his best friend found his wife in Australia while studying here. Charlie tells you that he did meet someone in Australia, however, last night while watching the sunset, she let him know she was not interested in continuing their relationship anymore and did not think they would be a good fit long-term. Charlie, having recently read a self-help book, took this as the universe saying that he should remain in Australia until he finds his true love. Charlie, an engineer, set out to find an employer in Australia to sponsor him. While searching on the internet about what he needed to do from a migration perspective, he came across a forum which stated that in his circumstances, he should apply for a Protection visa as that would buy him time. Taking this advice on board, he lodged an application for Protection Class XA Subclass 866 online prior to coming in to see you. Charlie would like your advice on a number of matters: 1. What bridging visa would he be eligible for and when does it come into effect? 2. Would he be eligible for work rights? Charlie also asks you questions about what would happen if he found an employer who could sponsor him for a Temporary Skills Shortage Class GK Subclass 482 visa while he is awaiting his Protection visa application to be processed. In particular: 3. What bridging visa would he be eligible for and when does it come into effect? 4. Would he be eligible for work rights whilst his Temporary Skills Shortage Class GK Subclass 482 visa is processed? You must refer to the relevant legislative provisions and any applicable policy in your answer. (10 marks) (Maximum Word Limit: 1,100 words)
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