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SOC 245
Sep 10, 2023
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11a. In light of the 9/11 attack, should acts of terrorism be treated differently from other common-law violent crimes? Should terrorists be executed for their acts even if no one was killed during their attack? Yes, I believe acts of terrorism should be treated differently from other common law violent crimes. The only difference between common law crimes and terrorism is political motivation which at that point is beginning to threaten national security. 11b. Should terror suspects arrested in a foreign land be given the same rights and privileges as an American citizen accused of a crime? No, because our rights and privileges as American citizens are for law-abiding individuals. Cole (2003) states "...the easy choice of sacrificing the liberties of a vulnerable minority - foreign nationals, and especially Arab and Muslim foreign nationals - for the purported security of the majority. With that being said, since individuals knowingly commit these crimes of terror they knowingly waive the rights they have on American soil. References Cole, D. (2003). Are Foreign Nationals Entitled to the Same Constitutional Rights As Citizens? Retrieved March 31, 2023, from https://scholarship.law.georgetown.edu/
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