Crimimal justice questions and answers. 2 - Copy

The mental element of a crime or the intent to commit a criminal act is known as: O 2 strict liability crimes © b mens rea O ex post facto O 9. jex talionis QUESTION 3 What does LEAA stand for? ® 2 LawE A 7 points [RACSTER] Ob Legal Enforcement Aid Administration O ¢ LawE Abiding A O 9 Look East And Away QUESTION 4 7 points [RACSTER] Which justice historian describes the informal justice process as the four-layer cake? O 2. Charles Gray ® b-Samuel Walker O ¢ Robert Peel O 9 Charles Smith QUESTION 5 A written statement charging a defendant with the commission of a crime, drawn up by a p ing attorney and id ® 2. Trye Bill of Indictment 7 points [RACSTER] d by a grand jury, is known as a O b-Bill of Impeachment O - True Bill of Enforcement O d-Bill of Arrest Click Save and Submit to save and submit. Click Save All Answers to save all answers.
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