LCC202 Lecture 2 - Incomplete Crimes

WELCOME TO CRIMINAL LAW: SPECIFIC CRIMES Module Code: LCC202 Lecturer Details: [email protected] Office: Archive Building, Office 212 Consultation: TBC Name : Ms Nombuso Mashele LLB (UJ), LLM in Labour Law (UJ) LLM in Human Rights Law (Ongoing - UNISA) LECTURE 2
ATTEMPT, CONSPIRACY AND INCITEMENT GENERAL Thus far only the requirements for liability for the completed crimes have been considered But certain preceding forms of conduct directed at the commission of a crime, namely attempt, conspiracy and incitement to commit a crime are forbidden by law. If the prospective criminal is caught at a stage when her conduct as yet constitutes no more than an attempt to commit the crime, or a conspiracy or an incitement to commit the crime. These are known as inchoate crimes - incomplete or anticipatory crimes
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