QUICKLAW DEMOSTRATION EXAMPLES AND PRACTICE EXERCISES FOR ONLINE SESSION BROWSING LEGAL TOPICS Example: Brianna was recently let go from her job without any no6ce or warning and is suffering from severe anxiety and depression. Brianna wants to bring an ac6on for wrongful dismissal against her former employer and is seeking damages for mental distress. Find relevant cases about this topic. PRE-SEARCH FILTERS Example: Enter damages wrongful dismissal in the red search box POST-SEARCH FILTERS Example 1: Enter the following natural language search: "dog owners" liability injury dog Example 2: Using a terms and connectors search, find Ontario case law dealing with age discrimina6on in employment. Narrow your results to find cases decided by the Ontario Court of Appeal since 2000. Find cases that men6on the word "pension" ADVANCED SEARCH FORM Example: Find a Manitoba Court of Appeal case decided February 12, 2018, dealing with a defama6on claim against a party named Bush. One of the judges was Jus6ce Mainella. FINDING A CASE BY NAME OR CITATION Example 1: Find a case in which the defendant is Willie Estate Example 2: Using the cita6on, find the following cases: (1982), 137 DLR (3d) 252 [1997] SCJ 108 FINDING CASES THAT CITE LEGISLATION (USING NAME OF STATUTE) Example: Find cases that cite sec6on 11 of the Highway Traffic Act , RSO 1990, c H.8 and state the name of the Ontario Superior Court of Jus6ce case(s) that referred to sec6on 11(2). UPDATING CASES Example 1: enter cit: 20062scr787 Example 2: Update the case of R v Smith [1959] SCR 638 and enter the name of the Saskatchewan case that followed it.
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