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Kwantlen Polytechnic University **We aren't endorsed by this school
ENTR 3100
Information Systems
May 15, 2023
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Owners Staff SA designation is enacted as future-facing measure for the business Five total staff members: 3 full-time custodians, and two part-time assistants Both co-owners work two jobs, splitting time between both, but focus on Cabalonga is secondary Staff can only speak Spanish, frequently requiring owner assistance for translation regardless of task difficulty Alvarado-Villon is the primary supplier contact despite spending only 40% of her time working on Cabalonga-related projects Language barrier is a proven issue that restricts hospitality satisfaction and potentially deters non-Spanish speaking tourists Both co-owners demonstrate some level of comfort leaving the business in the hands of its staff despite hospitality satisfaction being lower during these periods Self Sustainability Eco-Leadership Certification restricts hiring to local population Lack of digital marketing knowledge and hesitancy to expand current SEO evidenced by the lack of action TripAdvisor awards Cabalonga Bronze Eco Leader status which requires Cabalonga to follow certaing udielines to retain its designation General SEO efforts are underdeveloped evidenced by the lack of visibility for lodging queries in Puerto Cayo Sociedad Anonima designation nulls earthquake-relief subsidies and requires extensive auditing and book-keeping efforts Guidelines Marketing
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