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May 30, 2023
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Managers: Managing Your Inbox . 1 There are two ways that Workday uses to communicate to you: your Workday inbox and notifications . Your Workday inbox displays the action items that require your completion. It is also a way to see the status and history of any process with which you are or have been involved. ACCESSING YOUR WORKDAY INBOX From your home landing page, The Inbox section on your home page. You can select a task directly from here, or you can click the Go to Inbox link at the bottom of this section. The inbox icon in the upper right of your screen. The number in the orange circle that accompanies the icon indicates how many tasks are awaiting your attention. Click the icon to go to your Workday inbox. From your home landing page, Select the item to review from your inbox 1. There are two sections of the Inbox - Actions and Archive : Actions : Displays business process tasks, approvals, and ' To Dos ' in chronological order. You can reassign some tasks to someone else from the Task Actions (gear) icon in the upper right of the task. Archive : Displays initiated business process tasks and completed action items from the last 30
Managers: Managing Your Inbox . 2 days. (Note: Older items can be still be retrieved if needed.) To take action on an item, review the content in the right-hand pane and use the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Note : The buttons available will vary depending on the task assigned - see examples below. OR OR Below is an example of Inbox items: Once an Inbox item has been completed, it will automatically move out of the Actions folder into the Archive folder. Sometimes your Inbox item will be just one part of a longer process, so once it is completed then the subsequent tasks will generate action items for other employees (as needed). CHECK THE STATUS OF MY PROCESSES To review or check the status of a process: 1. Navigate to your inbox icon. 2. Select the Archive tab. Here you will see any business processes with which you have been
Managers: Managing Your Inbox . 3 involved in the last 30 days. 3. Select a task to access the details. Next, select the Process tab to view the Status of the process. 4. To view older tasks, you can use the down arrow (chevron) next to the Sort By dropdown. Select the " View More Processes " option, enter the date range, and click the OK button. You can sort the resulting list by clicking the appropriate column header.
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