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Jul 24, 2023
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Journey Maps e Visualization of process user performs to accomplish goal e Timeline e Can include multiple components o Emotions, quotes, expectations, etc. e Used for creating a mental model and focus of the application Draft Studios CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAP Example (Switching Mobile Plans) JUMPING JAMIE 'Scenario: Jamie needs to switch her current mobile plan. Shewants 2 plan that can save her money without having to sacrifice usage imits. EXPECTATIONS « Clear online nformation « Abilty to compare plan breakdowns. « Friendly and helpful customer support DEFINE COMPARE NEGOTIATE SELECT 1. Review current plan 3. Watches commercial v 2. Define parameters o fornew plan 4 Researches companies and offers on consumer reports website 5. Uses current carrler website tool to "Thatofer seems = 6. Calls current carrier to tellthem she is shopping around 7. Galls competitors to see what they can offer keabetterdeat." v "Ugh, why s this sodcut" 8. Decides on a new plan and calls customer service to switch service OPPORTUNITIES INTERNAL OWNERSHIP + METRICS « Compare altemate company's' offersfor her « Customer Support Team:reduce average cal time o 2 minutes « Breakdown current plan into $ amounts. « Web Team: add funtionallty to allow Jamie to compare plans within our site « Customer support ia text messaging/chat * Marketing Team: track competing offers to create competitor database. " NN/g
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