Lecture 1Introductory concepts on facility planning

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Nov 5, 2023
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Facility Planning and Design 4 Basic Reading Facilities Planning ; Fourth Edition Tompkins, White, Bozer and Tanchoco Publisher: Wiley ISBN-13: isbn 978-0-470-44404- Advanced Readings Facility Planning And Design : An Introduction for facility planners, facility Project Managers; Johnathan Lian, World Scientific Publishing Co. p. ltd, Singapore: ISBN 9789813278813 KASILINGAM, R. G. 1998. Facilities planning. Logistics and Transportation: Design and planning. Boston, MA: Springer US. Assessment Breakdown Detailed information and weights : communicated in Study guide Test: 25%, LABS/Practical:25%, and Projects 50% Required foundational knowledge Facility layout and Material handling ( EBFLA2A) Facility Planning and Design to build on this knowledge
Facility Planning and Design Main Topics : 1. Quantitative facilities planning models 2. Layout planning models and design algorithms 3. Facility Systems Topics for Revision 1. Introduction to facility planning and material handling 2. Product , process and Schedule design 3. Flow systems, activity relationship and space requirement 4. Principles of material handling 5. Plant layout generation 6. Warehouse Operations 7. Manufacturing systems and material handling 8. Evaluating , selecting and implementing the facilities plan
Introduction to facility planning and material handling Definition Facilities planning determines how an activity's tangible fixed assets best support achieving the activity's objective. ( Both a science and art) Descriptions Facility planning addresses two major decisions namely facility locations and facility layout. Facility location decisions at the macro level refers to planning of warehouses, plants, stores, cross-docking facilities, terminals and customer sites while facility location at the micro level refers to planning a smaller components of a larger facility . Facility layout decisions on the other hand is concerned with the optimal arrangement and layout of smaller facilities within a major facility in order to minimize specific objectives
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