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Industrial Engineering
Apr 20, 2023
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Introduction The current report investigates the process' long-term stability using control charts and Minitab. Every five hours, density was monitored, and the outcomes of several measurements are displayed here. Therefore, the initial analysis was conducted using an I-MR chat. To demonstrate any important departure from the target, which was set at 90, in contrast to the target, CUSUM charts were employed throughout the stability evaluation. For a more thorough review of the data to determine how the new values will affect the study, an additional 10 observations were made to the original 10 observations. I-MR and CUSUM charts were once more plotted after the observation's additional 10 data points were included. Consequently, assessments of the success and stability One method of data analysis uses an I-MR chart since the data are displayed as individual observations rather than in subgroups. There are no out-of-control points on the individual value chart from the I-MR chart, which has a mean value of 90.089 and upper and lower control limits of 93.150 and 87.028, respectively. The moving range chart's upper and lower control limits are 3.761 and 0, respectively, and the MR bar value is 1.151. On either graph, there are no out-of- control points, indicating a constant process.
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