BE201 HW 6

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BESC 1466
Industrial Engineering
Jun 6, 2023
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Group 1-3 Ella Hicks Talha Hammad Kelly O'Conno r So far, we have planned for the project and settled on what we would like to portray in our prototype. We have begun making a sketch and planning out the materials that we may need to collect to make our prototype. In the next couple of weeks, we should start to finalize our sketch and design and begin constructing the prototype. We are on track right now and don't think we need any help now. For feedback we hope to get any feedback that they may have and point out serious issues that are occurring that we may miss. It may be helpful to be able to see past examples if possible so that we can see an example of what is desired for the final product. Right now, we are thinking that a mock presentation may be helpful for us. For questions, how specific do we have to get with the presentation, for example do we have to calculate values for voltage for the project, or just say how it works. We would like to do a mock presentation as well.
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