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ISE 135
Industrial Engineering
Oct 16, 2023
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Slides are adapted from Wiley Instructor Materials for DOX-Montgomery and Applied Probability and Statistics for Engineers- Montgomery & Rungers 1 ISE 135 Design of Experiments Lecture 7 Ayça Erdogan San Jose State University
12-1: Multiple Linear Regression Model • Many applications of regression analysis involve situations in which there are more than one regressor variable. • A regression model that contains more than one regressor variable is called a multiple regression model . 12-1.1 Introduction 2
12-1: Multiple Linear Regression Model For example, suppose that the effective life of a cutting tool depends on the cutting speed and the tool angle. A possible multiple regression model could be Y = β 0 + β 1 x 1 + β 2 x 2 + ε where Y - tool life x 1 - cutting speed x 2 - tool angle 12-1.1 Introduction 3 (12-1)
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