Religious and political factors were the main drivers of the Pueblo revolt. On Native American land, the Spanish made their home. Additionally, the conquistadors pressured Native Americans to convert to Christianity. Among other things, the conquistadors compel them to perform labor and create goods for them. The Spanish conquistadors would force Native Americans to convert to Catholicism in an attempt to destroy their religion. They arrested over 40 of the traditional medicine men, who were beaten and tortured. Because of this, Native American leaders went to Santa Fe to demand their release. In the midst of this, one of the captured traditional medicine men was San Juan, otherwise known as Pope, who spent 5 years in Taos, New Mexico, rounding up support for a revolt. The pueblo revolt ended with hundreds of Spanish conquistadors dead, including government officials, priests, and settlers who were kept as slaves, along with the pueblos destroying the Spanish churches and anything related to the Spanish. To sum it all up, the motives directed towards the pueblo revolt were from religious and political grounds. Whilst the Spanish were occupying Native American territory, they also imprisoned Native Americans and forced them to convert to Catholicism. Native Americans were imposed to labor and the production of goods. The Native American uprising led to the deaths of hundreds of Spanish. Following the uprising revolt, the Spanish treated the Native Americans with more accommodation and tolerance.
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