Chapter 24

Revised for 8 th edition - Fall 2018 Chapter 24 Study Guide 1. How did Henry Ford reflect the complexity of the 1920s? 2. What factors spurred economic expansion in the 1920s? 3. How did the automobile industry "drive" the economy? 4. What new industries sprang up in the 20s? 5. How was Paramount Studio an example of vertical integration? 6. What was the trend in consolidation? 7. How did Americans react to consolidation? 8. What were the Open Shop and yellow dog contract? 9. What was welfare capitalism? What was its purpose? 10. Why did union membership decline in the 20s? 11. How did failure to raise wages threaten the economy? 12. What were the "sick industries" of the 20s? Why were they "sick?" 13. What goals did Hoover and Mellon have? 14. How did government policies promote business? 15. What was the Teapot Dome Scandal? 16. Describe Coolidge Prosperity. 17. What factors limited women's reform issues? 18. What were the trends in urbanization? 19. What was the Great Migration? What caused it? 20. What factors account for the development of black ghettos? 21. Who was Marcus Garvey? 22. What was the Harlem Renaissance? 23. What were mutualistas ? 24. How did barrios reflect ethnic hostility? 25. How did the automobile create the modern suburb? 26. What changes did the automobile bring to the society? 27. What did advertisers seek to create? 28. How did consumerism affect women? 29. How did consumerism affect the working class? 30. Why were movies and radio significant? 31. Why did some people fear jazz? 32. What effects did consumption have on morality? 33. What themes did many writers stress in the 20s? 34. What was the National Origins Act of 1924? Why was it passed? 35. Why were Mexicans not included in immigration restrictions? 36. What did the new Klan embody? 37. Who and what did the Klan target? Why? 38. Why was it easy to evade prohibition laws? 39. Why did many people drop their support of prohibition? 40. How was prohibition a cultural issue? 41. Why did many Americans embrace fundamentalism? 42. Why did William Jennings Bryan oppose Darwinism? 43. What was the Scopes Trial? 44. How did America's global economic role expand in the 20s?
Revised for 8 th edition - Fall 2018 45. What was symbolic about the Kellogg-Briand Pact? 46. What was the US policy toward Latin America? 47. How did the 1928 presidential election reflect the divisions in America?
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