Identity and Information Design 2

Identity and Information Design BCE-1400s Heraldry in Japan, Monsho , clans marks, geometric in nature, plant or geometric forms, each soldiers marked with different symbols, on flags as well, Mitsubishi old symbol Information Cuneiform map in 1500s, clay map baked, outline of china, grid for accuracy, stone slab Parchment chart, 900, latin, changing through time, planets, diagram like family tree Bayeux tapestry , Norman invasion of Britain, border, graphic novel like, linen, entirely made by women apparently. Landmarks, roots, map, 16-1700s, Spanish maid map, European made map, England map of the world, Jerusalem set in center of map since religion was prominent, pilgrims, dots between towns to show travel time. 1500s Muhammad al-Idrisi, circular map, better display of world, Europe Asia and Africa. Geometry prominent, Islamic maps/diagrams Autonomy diagrams, 1400s, human diagram, cow diagram, show organs and veins Toy diagram to show how it works, medical diagrams to show how body works, small maps made of sticks, Asian and Hawaii, related to ocean currents.
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