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ANSC 3010
Health Science
Mar 23, 2023
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Stocker and Feedlot Nutrition Amanda Mathias Feeds and Feeding Spring 2015
Stocker Operations Grow weaned calves (7-8 months of age weighing 400-600 lbs.) to suitable feeder weights (700-900 lbs.) utilizing forage based diets
Spring Calving Herds Calves are weaned in September-November Cool Season Forage Programs (Winter Wheat) o Stock at rates of 200 lbs of cattle per acre until March 15 th If harvesting wheat pull cattle off of pastures around March 15 th or at first hollow stem o From March 15 th to end of May stock at a rate of 900 lbs of cattle per acre If the wheat will not be harvested Warm Season Forage programs o Also called yearling programs o Dry wintering to maintain weight until next spring Supplement dry, dormant forages with low protein, high energy supplements
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