Waiting on the World to Change - Chloe Jackson

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Health Science
Mar 14, 2023
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Camden, NJ, also known as "Murder City USA," is the poorest city in America. With individuals, families, and groups living within such a poor community, many social issues come about that affect these people and the way they live. One of the first comments said within the film from a younger child who resides here was, "I don't want to die as a teenager." Children shouldn't be worried about their death at such a young age, they should be more focused on succeeding in life. Many social issues were brought to light within this film, with poverty being one of the first. The average income a year for these families is $18,000. This results in children going to bed without food, or even starving. They also have very limited job opportunities. Manufacturers left this city decades ago, which makes it hard for families to obtain a decent income, and limits what jobs are actually available. Another social issue that was mentioned was 58% of the children living in Camden live below the poverty line. Typically, if you grow up poor, it's hard to not remain poor. It's harder to get out of such a low spot, meanwhile, middle class may have more opportunities to make them step up in class. Ivan Stevens, who's the son to Precious, is a younger child who lives in Camden. Him, his mother, and young brother Emir are homeless. At night, they sleep within an illegal boarding house, with a padlocked refrigerator which makes it so they don't steal the food. They typically spend their days at a park, starving, dirty, and without a place to stay. Ivan doesn't want to settle for this though. He wants to be Superman, and find a solution to get him and his family out of the living situation they're in. His mom, Precious, struggles to read, and has very little training for any job. Precious' mom also is a crack addict, so Ivan wants to be the change for his family. With his mom having such little experience and not being able to read, this makes her nearly incapable of obtaining a job to support her family. She has to show progress in finding a job to qualify for subsidized housing, but within the meantime, they still needed a place to stay. They constantly were fighting the battle of having a roof over their heads. When talking about the micro, mezzo, and macro levels that correlate to Ivan, we must take his living situation into consideration. The micro level is his family struggling to find housing, while being without food and his mom being without a job. This affects his ability to learn, due to him not getting the proper nutrition he needs. Mezzo level would be the nieghborhoods he stays within from time to time. The community he was staying within was the most dangerous that constantly had shootings. This can affect the community overall due to them being afraid of their living situations. Makes it so they're scared to step one foot outside, without worrying about their potential death. From a macro perspective, 58% of the children being below the poverty line can be an example of this. This affects the overall community itself. With that being the amount of children below the povertyline, this community is at a greater risk of having more children drop-out of school, becoming homeless, and simply just not reaching its potential. If I was a community organizer within Camden, I'd like to focus on advocating policies for hunger. Everyone deserves to eat. No person should be without food, especially the children that are still growing, like Ivan and Emir. Nutrition plays a major role in how us humans think, behave, and is neccesary for our brain development. Having adequate nutrition for all is definitely something I'd look into for this community.
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