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PHI 121
Health Science
Oct 3, 2023
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The following suggested template for collegial classroom observation was developed by the Faculty Affairs Committee in consultation with UFPC (April 2013). Instructional Observation Checklist Faculty Member Evaluated: _______________________________________ Date: _______________ Evaluator: _______________________________________ Course: ____________________________ Category Response Comments Organization Yes No N/A Begins class on time in an orderly, organized fashion Clearly states the goals or objectives for the period Reviews or mentions prior class material Appears well prepared for class Effectively uses online course management systems and communication tools to facilitate student learning Active and Engaged Learning Answers/poses student questions clearly and directly Allows students time to process and answer questions Creates learning environments that welcome, challenge, and support all students Demonstrates effective pedagogies for engaged learning Rapport Knows and uses student names Responds respectfully to student lack of knowledge or understanding. Treats class members equitably Listens carefully to student comments and questions Credibility and Control Demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter Responds confidently to student inquiries Speaks about course content with confidence and authority Is able to admit error and/or insufficient knowledge Presentation Presents information in a clear and understandable manner Engaged with class and responds to changes in student attentiveness Visual aids are clear, legible and effective Communicates a sense of enthusiasm and excitement Additional Comments
Instructional Observation Checklist 2 A. Things that went well for the instructor/class: B. Challenges in this particular class: C. Specific suggestions for enhancing the learning environment:
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