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Health Science
Jul 21, 2023
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Violence. It's there. But you can take measures in order to save yourself & others from violence. + information on how to save other peoples lives, not just yours. You could be able to save someone else's life with CPR & know where to sign up.
Factors leading up to violence/ The measures you can take on saving yourself from violence are to know the risk factors & what are not risk factors. Risk factors include Having access to guns at an early age. Emotional stress Exposure to violence, or conflict in your family. Involvement in gangs. Substance abuse. All 3 of these are risk factors, but there are many more. It is important to learn on how to identify them, so you can better prepare to save yourself & other people from violence too.
Ways to decrease your risk factor. The ways you can take to decrease your risk factor is by Involving in social activities Not hanging out with a gang. Talking about the problems that you face to somebody who cares, like a family member. Closer relationships with friends. Teaching others, getting involved in the community.
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