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ANAT 113
Health Science
Oct 4, 2023
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Assignment Selection Table Using the table below, indicate the assignments you intend to complete for this term by marking 'yes' next to each one. Each assignment has a designated weight and due date to help calculate your potential final grade and to keep you organized. This is a dynamic chart that you can revisit in case you need to make changes to your assignments due to external circumstances. Please email your initial selection table to me ( [email protected] ) at the beginning of the course. I am available to meet with you to review your initial submission if you'd like to. Name: Jaden Gin Student #: 220845269 Date: Sept 12 th , 2023 Assignment Weight Due Date Intend to complete [yes/no] PART A: Self-Reflections (Mandatory) Self-reflection 1 Pass /NP [3.33%] September 19 th Yes Self-reflection 2 Pass /NP [3.33%] October 17 th Yes Self-reflection 3 Pass /NP [3.33%] December 5 th Yes Part A Potential Grade: 10% PART B: Choose your own adventure (Choose 2 of 3) Weekly Engagement (10) Pass /NP [30% - 3% each] Weekly (Monday 11:30am) Weekly Reading Reflections (10) Pass /NP [30% - 3% each] Weekly (Monday 11:30am) Food Site Assignment (1) 30% October 15 th yes Part B Potential Grade: 60% Part C Final Take-Home Exam 30% December 10 th Part C Potential Grade: 30% Student's Targeted Final Grade: OPTIONAL QUESTIONS In order to offer the best support possible during this course, feel free to answer any of the following questions: 1) Learning challenges/Differences - Do you face any learning challenges or differences? Do you have accommodations? 2) Support - How can I support you during this course?
3) Are there any foreseeable upcoming life, personal, family, etc circumstances that you might need to work around? (details not needed) If so, please let me know the dates and how I can support you during those times.
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