Solar System Chapter 1 Match-Ups

Solar System Chapter 1 Match-Up Study Sheet ____ Comparative Planetology ____ Astrophysics ____ Cosmology ____ Scientific Method ____ Hypothesis ____ Theory ____ Lamarck ____ Darwin ____ Astronomical Unit (AU) ____ Light Year ____ Dwarf Planet ____ Dark Matter ____ Local Group ____ Supercluster ____ Hydrogen ____ Iron 1. French natural philosopher who suggested evolution was caused by physical effort to change biological structures. 2. This is the first and simplest element formed by the Big Bang. 3. This is a collection of numerous galactic clusters. 4. This is what we call a scientific discovery that resists falsification for an extended length of time. 5. This is the study of the dynamic mechanical principles at work in the Universe. 6. The Milky Way, Andromeda and about a dozen other galaxies are members of this collection. 7. The inexplicable rotational rates of galaxies revealed the presence of this type of matter. 8. This is the heaviest element created by fusion at the center of a star. 9. This is the effort to build a narrative history of the Universe. 10. This is the distance a photon travels in 365 days. 11. The study of the solar system based on our understanding of Earth's geology, chemistry, etc. 12. This is the earliest form of identifying a scientific discovery or principle. 13. This English scientist suggested that evolution was driven by natural selection. 14. A planet-like body that has not cleared out other objects its orbital range. 15. This is the procedure of observation and experimentation applied to scientific discoveries. 16. This is the distance from the Earth to the Sun.
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