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Edit View History Bookmarks Profiles Tab Window Help G myFSU Portal X 0 Mail - Alejandra Toledo - Outlo X video quiz chapter 5 X MindTap - Cengage Learnir 41 X + ng.cengage.com/static/nb/ui/evo/index.html?deploymentld=6031892309519177230066524776&elSBN=9780357452783&snapshotld=319... er Advising |... wo The Boulevard at... CENGAGE MINDTAP Chapter 05 Video Quiz: What is Underwater Snow? ring 2022 C.. and Study Tools ptions NS Success Tips Success Tips Where in the ocean is underwater snow found? a. the abyssal plain O b. the continental slope eedback O c. the continental shelf O d. hydrothermal vents Hide Feedback Correct What does marine snow consist of? a. ash from underwater volcanic eruptions O b. salt and other sediments from rivers O c. dust particles from the atmosphere O d. clumped remains of phytoplankton 30 MacBook Air 20 K E3 @ 9 O N 5 6 8 O P Q W E R T Y U A S D F G H K <
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