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Plagioclase Feldspar By: Amanda Flores Fun Fact Plagioclase minerals play a significant role in the composition f several crushed and construction stones, including granite and trap rock. Up to 60% of the Earth's crust is composed of tectosilicate minerals known collectively as feldspar. An aluminosilicate series containing sodium and/or calcium makes up plagioclase. Plagioclase, which refers to the two nonorthogonal cleavages, is derived from the Greek words plagios (oblique) and clasis (fracture); feldspar is derived from the Swedish . This mineral has a Mohs scale hardness of 6, making feldspar the most plausible candidate for any glassy crystal that is softer than quartz and cannot be scratched with a knife. Plagioclase feldspars and alkali or potassium feldspars are the two solid- solution series along which feldspars are found. Part of the feldspar family of minerals, it is abundant in igneous and metamorphic rock , and it is also common as a detrital mineral in sedimentary rock All About!
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