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Nov 20, 2023
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A) No, because he will not benefit directly from the loan B) Yes, because the loan may not be in the bank's best interest C) Yes, because the loan may not be in the museum's best interest - ✔✔ B) Yes, because the loan may not be in the bank's best interest Daniels must disclose to his employer, SSL, that he is on the Board of the museum, as there may be the appearance of a conflict of interest (and in fact, a conflict of interest) between his responsibilities to the museum as a Board member and to his employer, SSL. He does owe his employer the duty of loyalty to disclose the conflict. An analyst prepares a fair and objective report on the financial results of company Z. The report is favorable, is based on facts, and the buy recommendation from the analyst leads to a surge in the company's stock. Management is pleased and the CFO of the company invites the analyst on a trip on her private jet. The CFO pays for gifts, accommodations, and meals on the trip. What is the most likely code of ethics the analyst violated? A) Fair dealing B) Duties to employers C) Communication with client - ✔✔ B) Duties to employers The Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct, section IV(b) prohibits an analyst from receiving gifts or favors from clients. It prohibits any conduct that might create a conflict of interest. Traveling on a private jet is a luxurious gift from the CFO, in addition to the meals and accommodations expenses. Adam Stuart, CFA®, is recently hired by Priority Investments. He receives a competitive compensation, including bonuses and referral fees. Priority Investments has no existing policy in place for disclosure of fees. What is most likely the best way for Mr. Stuart to address the situation?
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