GEOG3090 - Week 7 notes

Tuesday, Oct 17th Climate Justice and Feminist Environmental Science Climate change is a moral and justice issue, not a science, techno-managerial or finance issue Climate justice fundamentally is about paying attention to how climate change impacts people differently, unevenly, and disproportionately as well as redressing the resultant injustices in fair and equitable ways Consider uneven causes and impacts of climate chang over space and time Critical Climate Justice Investigates how and why different groups of people face different inequities in different ways from climate change Examples of differential gendered harms → gendered workloads changing with ecological change Water collection becomes difficult as rivers and wells dry up → gendered experiences of climate disasters Women's lack of physical strength and skills (sociological and biological), responsibility for children, poverty, mobility Critical climate justice calls for accountability to intersectional feminist analysis, so that lived experiences and wisdom of differently situated subjects are heard and heeded, and appropriate and inclusive policies and programs are planned Consumption is gendered → ideologically (products associated with masculine or feminine) → materially (women responsible for household consumptions) Questioninh Gendered Responsibilities Attempt to lodge responsibility mainly with women as household managers and consumers should be rejected because it continues to conceive the household as women's burden, because it miscocieves the power of the private household to halt environmental degradation and because it appeals to women's traditional self-abnegation, asking them to carry the world's ills in recognition of motherly duty
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