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Iona University: LaPenta School of Business Department of Finance, Business Economics and Legal Studies Syllabus Course Number: BUS. 130: Sections A & B Section A meets Mondays & Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. in La Penta Room 302 Section B "....................................'' at 2:00 p.m. in La Penta Room 102 Title : The Legal Environment of Business Term: Fall 2023 Mission Statement: Iona University is a caring academic community, inspired by the legacy of Blessed Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers, which embodies opportunity, justice and the liberating power of education. Iona University's purpose is to foster intellectual inquiry, community engagement, and an appreciation for diversity. In the tradition of American Catholic Higher Education, Iona University commits its energies and resources to the development of graduates recognized for their ethics, creativity and problem-solving abilities; their independent and adaptable thinking; their joy in lifelong learning and their enduring integration of mind, body and spirit. Course Description: An introduction to the American legal system, including an examination of basic legal concepts, principles and government regulations encountered in the modern business environment, the substantive law areas of constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law, antitrust law, employment law, contract law and tort law will also be covered. Course Objectives: Students will learn of the many reasons for the various laws, the objectives, the sources and the classification of laws. Will be introduced to the Federal and State Courts Experience the procedure of a Court case, including the trial. To be familiar with alternative dispute resolutions To understand how the Constitution works in establishing State and Federal governments To become aware of the rights and protections afforded individuals by the Constitution and Court cases Students will learn of the governments' powers to regulate business, as well as, to protect markets and competition Will be exposed to the general principles of international business law and the government's role therein To learn of Administrative agencies and their powers To learn the basics of criminal law, including white collar crimes, computer crimes and crimes of force To understand the concepts of torts, including the various elements and types
To be exposed to trademarks, service marks, copyrights and patents To understand the nature and classification of contracts, as well as, the elements, the parties, the legal interpretation and form of contracts Students will become familiar with third persons in contracts Contact Information: Home telephone number: 914-576-0104 Office telephone number: 914-632-6990 Office Fax number: 914-632-8560 Office email: [email protected] Office Hours: 10:00 a.m. Mondays and Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays and by appointment. Availability: Call my home or office anytime as both are equipped with voice mail. Prerequisite Courses: None. Required text: Anderson's Business Law and the Legal Environment.Twomey, Jennings and Greene, 24th Edition, South-Western Cenage Learning, 2022. Electronic Resources: Use of internet for law review articles, laws and case studies. Calendar: The first day of Class will commence on August 30, 2023 and continues until the last day of class (Dec. 11, 2023). Monday Sept. 4th- Labor Day . No Classes. Monday Oct. 9 th - Columbus Day CLASSES ARE IN SESSION. Tues. Nov. 14 th - Day classes follow a Friday schedule. Friday Nov. 17- last day to withdraw. Monday Dec. 11 th - Last day of class. Student Outcomes: See "Course objectives" above. Assignments: WEEK 1: Nature and Source of law. WEEK 2: The Court systems and dispute resolutions WEEKS 3&4: Business ethics, social forces and the Law WEEKS 5&6: The Constitution and Government regulation of competition & prices WEEK 7: Administrative Agencies WEEK 8: Crimes
WEEK 9: Torts WEEK 10: Intellectual properties, the internet, cyber law and international trade WEEK 11: Nature and classes of contracts WEEK 12: The agreement, capacity and genuine assent WEEK 13: Consideration and legality WEEK 14: Form of paper, electronic contracts, interpretation of contracts and third party contracts WEEK 15: Discharge of contracts with Remedies. Grading policy : There will be four exams including the midterm and the final. Each exam will have equal value. With the exception of you final test grade, your lowest test grade will be dropped. Should you miss an exam, that exam will be considered your dropped exam. The instructor retains the option of altering the final grade by a maximum of 5 points based upon class participation. Grading Scale: See Iona catalog. Policy -Attendance : Attendance in class is recorded from the first class meeting of the semester. Students are expected to accept personal responsibility for absences and are responsible for fulfilling all requirements and completing all assignments in this course. Students will be responsible for the entire content of each course. Should you miss a test, the instructor IS NOT REQUIRED to provide a substitute test. A student who has been absent from 20% or more of the scheduled class sessions (including examinations) will be dismissed from class and assigned the failing grade "FA". It is within the instructor's discretion to determine if the reasons for the absences justifies and exemption from the policy. Any absence from class as a matter of principle is undesirable and may preclude the meeting of requirements as delineated in the course syllabi. Policy- Blackboard Statement : All students are required to comply with Iona's computer use policy. Policy- Assignments: Read the assigned chapters before each lass, so that when the instructor lectures on the chapter you will be prepared to ask questions concerning topics that you might not understand or seek clarification on. Policy- Cell Phones: Prior to the start of class ALL CELL PHONES SHOULD BE TURNED OFF AND PUT AWAY. The phones should be placed in a backpack or jacket pocket. Laptops (unless permission to use them has been granted by the appropriate Administration Offices) are also prohibited from use in class.
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